Michael Jackson: musical legend and fashion icon

On June 25, 2009, while I was with my brother browsing the Internet, we were startled by a new that paralyzed the world. The unexpected death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Eight years after his death and despite the great scandals surrounded him, Michael is remembered for his great musical career and  incredible style.

I was one of the many children who grew up part of the decade of the 80s, we witnessed his changes and evolution during his last years. My brothers and cousins ​​loved to watch “Thriller” and we wanted to imitate their magnificent “Moonwalk” dance step. We wanted to be as talented as he was.


Michael Bush, was the singer’s designer for decades. The designer met the king of pop through Dennis Tompkins (another designer) during the filming of #Captain Eo. Even as a tribute to the artist he has written a book entitled, the king of style. Where he exposes behind the seams and the fascinating intersection between music and fashion, hundreds of photographs are included in the book about the whole process of making the artist’s wardrobe.

The diamond glove

Undoubtedly one of the accesories that always represented him was his white glove. The first time he was seen with him was in the year of 1983, in a live show of the 25th anniversary of Motown.

“A glove is more interesting than two” – Michael Jackson

There is a rumor that the real reason he started using the glove was to hide the vitiligo in his hand. After his death, the glove was auctioned and sold for $ 350,000 in a bid organized in New York. According to the auction house Julien’s Auction this garment is considered one of the most valuable memories in the history of pop.

The red fur jacket

In the world there are actually two Michael Jackson leather jackets, the black and red leather with marked shoulder pads was used in shooting “Thriller” and signed by the artist was auctioned for 1.8 million dollars to a gold operator and he uses it to raise funds for children’s hospitals around the world. The other, which is in worse condition, belongs to the Jackson family.

Other looks icons of the king of pop

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