Elsa Schiaparelli, the Italian rival designer of Chanel

She wanted the world of fashion to have a meaning beyond appearance. Bright colors, vibrant fabrics and elegant decorations differentiated her from contemporary designers.

Her passion for painting made her rub shoulders with the most famous painters in the world, who were of great inspiration for each of her designs.

The love of her life was surrealism which led her to create unique and unimaginable pieces. Her entrepreneurial skills, her incomparable creativity, the influences she possessed with great artists including Picaso, Cocteau and Dalí unleashed a great rivalry between her and Chanel and that even though Coco was for decades at the top of fashion and design, Schiaparelli managed a great reputation in the same medium. Chanel defined her as “that Italian artist who designs clothes”.


Schiaparelli, was a rebel of the time, when leaving the university wrote a book of erotic poems, in his designs used colors out of trend (while Chanel proposed austerity, less is more) Elsa occupied eccentric colors like fuchsia or turquoise Even his irreverence was reflected on his stupid day when he arrived at the altar dressed in black.

La trascendencia de Elsa Schiaparelli radica no solo en la creatividad, si no en la utilidad e innovación ya que a ella le debemos los desfiles modernos, el uso del  tejido latex  y el rayón.

All this festivity towards life and love for art is presented in its most unusual proposals, such as the hat-shoe and the lobster-dress.

The teacher of the provocation died in Paris in 1973. Currently a team of designers and artists continue with the legacy of 80 years of his firm that include clothing, footwear and perfumes.

In 2012 the MET of New York, gave him a tribute with the exhibition Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations.

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