Socks with heels!

No, I’m not talking about daddy’s style! I’m talking about a new fashion trend that I’m sure you’ll gonna love! Just look at these outfits!

A lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities have proven is possible to wear socks with your favorite heels and be so trendy! It’s not a fashion sin, as we thought.
But how you can adopt this trends without be a mess? Well, I have you some tips for you! 🙂

Choose the right shoes

The basic step is to choose the right heels according to your style. How you can see in the next chart:

Now, you know wear the right shoes for your look, the next step is to

choose the socks according the impact you want.

For example:

You can match the color of your socks with your top

With accessories…

Or even be daring by mixing textures and styles

Wear this trending is so versatile, you can find a lot of ideas in our board in pinterest:

What you think? Will you be brave to wear this trend? Let me know in comments!

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