There are no words to describe John Galliano

Surely you remember that a few years ago, when Paris Hilton was still the fashion icon of the socialite in Hollywood, a fabric print which emulated a newspaper print became super fashionable. Do you know who was behind this trend? (which btw is for coming back) The culprit was John Galliano.

Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the first actresses to popularize it in the Sex And Te City serie.


Galliano breaks schemes, he’s unrepeatable.


His name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen, was born in the year of 1960 in Gibraltar. He grew up in a Catholic famil England, so he always dressed very formal to attend any place. This common practice in his family made question himself about why clothes had to be so rigid and without looseness and color.

He studied fashion design in the prestigious Saint Martin’s School of Art and for 4 years he won the British Designer Award.

At the end of the 80s, he decided to move his firm to Paris with the purpose to be present in the fashion capital, get new clients and interact with other designers. In 1989 he presented his collection for first time in Paris Fashion Week.

However, due to the recent creation of his brand, the economic resources that he had to be a recognized brand on a large scale weren’t enough and shortly after he declared his bankrupt.

But thanks to his eccentricity, creativity and passion that he embodied in each design, his talent was recognized for most select circles of French fashion, monopolizing the attention of businessmen and investors, which helped him to have the prestige that he desired so much with good economic profits.

In 1995 he managed to be appointed as creative director of Givenchy and one year after also in Dior.

The principal Galliano’s characteristic is always take the risk to try something new that left everyone speechless, he dominated the fashion with his spectacular fashion shows, epic collections and successful advertising campaigns with celebrities or with his muses Charlize Theron and Kate Moss.

Galliano was always recognized as a fashion marketing master. Everything he touched, becomes success. A fashion midas.

However, some designers and models began to notice discriminatory attitudes from Galliano and in 2011 he was in a legal trial in the French court, whom found him guilty of two anti-Semitic segregation incidents while he was under the influence of alcohol.

For that reason, after several years collaborating with DIOR, the firm dismissed to Galliano on March 1, 2011, due to its policy of zero tolerance towards any attitude of racial degradation.

He retired from the public eye for a while to rehabilitate himself about alcohol and other substances. In 2013, after his rehabilitation, he received a temporary residency invitation for the season fall / winter 2013 in the Oscar de la Renta design studio.

After 4 years of being found guilty for acts of discrimination. Galliano returned to the fashion world repentant for his actions and looking for an opportunity to mend his mistakes.

I am able to create. I am ready to create … and I hope that through my repentance, I get a second chance

He declared during a television interview.

In 2015 John Galliano returned to the fashion industry debuting as Creative Director of Maison Margiela, to this day continues as its Creative Director.

It seems the great fashion minds, the most creative and risky must have plummeted to return with more strength. We hope that Galliano doesn’t repeat his mistakes and that everything that he struggled to face, it becomes inspiration for him to continue creating incredible collections, pieces and catwalks.



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