From Tlaxiaco to the world, Yalitza Aparicio

I’m a big fan of cinema and mexican talent and I admit it. When Yalitza Aparicio was recognized as the best performance 2018 by TIME magazine, my skin bristled, my heart beat so fast with emotion, and I was even more eager to see “Roma”. This announcement is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened this year in Mexican cinema.

Having a Mexican actress in the top of mainstream performances of the year is something that NEVER happened … it’s something wonderful!

When you are finished reading this article you will believe in destiny and perfect coincidences <3

The story of Yalitza begins like this: With Mixteca and Triqui origins from Oaxaca, she was a teacher in Tlaxiaco, where she lives in a small house with her parents and three brothers. Oaxaca is a humble state, for the people of little towns far from the capital, the shortcomings are more noticeable, crime is constantly flogging them, there are very few work opportunities. Towns such as Tlaxiaco has been ignored and invisible in the eyes of Mexicans.

Three years ago the staff of Alfonso Cuarón arrived to Tlaxiaco to perform a casting. The Director of “La Casa de la Cultura” spoke with Edith, Yalitza’s older sister. He told her: “Morenita come to a casting, they want actresses for a movie, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know about acting”. Yalitza and her sister went to the casting although Yalitza was not very convinced about it.
Two months later, they called Yalitza to be presented in Mexico city. At this point of the story, Yalitza still wasn’t convinced to go, because she feared it was a situation of trafficking in women, but she was courage and she went to Mexico City, where the staff gave her great news, she had not passed to another phase, the reality it was she already had the leading role.

After the premiere of ROMA, Yalitza was recognized as the best performance 2018 in Time magazine, she was awarded such as New Actress in Hollywood and modeled for Vanity Fair magazine with Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton designs. And also she will be the face of US VOGUE magazine for the month of December, this has maddened Instagram users, who applaud the decision of the American magazine to get out of beauty standards.

Fame has come to her, her family and the land that saw her birth, every day national and international press arrive to Yalitza’s town to interview their parents, friends and immerse them in her reality.

However, the racist and classiest comments by the Mexicans didn’t wait, criticizing their skin color, morphology and appearance. Of course all this happened in social networks where pointing and being right is quite easy. Her response to these comments was admirable:
“I have only taken the good comments, those are the ones that will strengthen you, and, exactly, within the film the message of ‘non-discrimination’ is given, but it is something that is going to be worked little by little. It will not change overnight.”

These discriminatory comments make me think … if a Mexican with indigenous origins that is succeeding in the WORLD is judged by her own people for her own country … then what will happen in the minds of all those who despise her when his eyes passes poverty and inequality? … I do not want to imagine, we better talk about it in another post.

Returning to the main theme, Yalitza has a promising future. A few days ago, Rome was awarded with the Golden Lion, that prize has made speculate to film specialists that even Yalitza could be nominated to the Oscar awards!

Now … What means Hollywood has its eyes on Yalitza Aparicio? I believe she opened the door to new Mexican talents. It means that the world realize that in Mexico there are persons with high potential hidden in the most recondite place of our country, where they can discover new persons with skills and aptitudes coming from a student, a housewife, a merchant such as the case of Yalitza, who has given us one of the most beautiful lessons of this year. Not everyone is talented, but talent can come from anywhere.

Congratulations Yalitza, you fill our hearts with pride, happiness, inspiration and love. <3

Post Author: Yol Enríquez

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