The story behind ETHEREA

Alejandra Torres tells us a little about her, her story and how she has achieved a place in the fashion world with your her jewelry brand “Etherea” where each  pieces is authentic and transmit joy and beauty to the woman who wears them. Their designs are characterized by being timeless, wearable for authentic woman, capable of changing everything around, who likes challenges and who loves life.

So this is her story.

I consider myself a very persevering woman with the constant search for happiness. I’m the oldest of 6 brothers. My childhood is spent with my maternal grandparents. I remember the fireflies in the field, the stars in the sky because there was no electricity, the shadows I made with my hands against the light of the candles… something magic.

My grandfather always asked me – What do you want to be when you grow up?”
That question, always allowed me to imagine many things. My grandfather taught me to believe in myself and be grateful to God every day. When I started elementary school I went to live with my parents. And he admired my mom’s creativity and ability to sell. She made clothes for my sisters and me without having studied sewing. But what surprised me most was his strength. When I finished high school and told my parents I wanted to study a career. My dad told me it was ok, but he would only give me money for transport to go to the university because he still had the maintenance cost of my brothers. So to pay for my studies I worked part time. I graduated from Industrial Engineering. I thank my dad for making me a strong woman and only giving me that $ 27 pesos a week; because I realized that everything you really want, no matter how many obstacles you have in your way; you will do it.

I always wanted to work in the automotive industry so I started working in General Motors. I loved my job but I worked a lot. One day just I realized that my son, no longer name me “mommy” instead he said my name.

Without thinking, I got pregnant and my husband was sent to work in Mexico. When my daughter was born, I decided to quit my job and go to Mexico with my husband. It was a difficult moment for me. I felt that so much effort was for nothing. I felt bad with myself because I thought I was a bad mom because I wanted to grow professionally.

My son liked to watch the “Art Attack” program where they made creative crafts and one day it was time to make a treasure chest …. And that’s where everything started …
My daughter was almost one year old at the time. So the brother made the chest, I made some crowns with foamy and my daughter comes up and says: Mom, and the jewelry? and that’s how my story began as a jeweler; but at that moment I did not see it. Everything stayed as one more activity I had done with my children.

I had friends who helped me distribute my jewelry although I still did not have a brand. I only did it because being assembled the pieces relaxed me.

At the same time I decided to study a Masters in Business Administration and when I finished it, I felt that something was missing, I already needed to do something else. I wanted it to be more professional what I was doing, so I went to the Business Incubator and in 2009 “Etherea” was born.

And it is born because I realize that it is what makes me happy. It is born because it allows me to be in the life of my husband and my children; because it allows me to enjoy life and its moments; because it allows me to infect other women with the beauty of life; that they enjoy it, that they feel beautiful, that they are authentic and capable of transmitting that energy to those around them. And it was born because I became aware that there are many jobs; but family and life only one

Tell us a little more about your new collection… What was your main motivation when you designed it?

My new collection is “Holy Devotion”; and principal inspiration were all women I know, whom are admirable and worthy of respect and admiration, because in spite of the difficult moments that humanity is going through, they strive and struggle so that their environment is positive. My inspiration is also based on the devotion we should have to nature and the earth for all that it gives us. The devotion that we should have to take care of it and leave a better planet to the new generations.

Could you share us a moment of maximum satisfaction in your adventure as designer?

I’m lucky because I have had several moments of satisfaction. The principal is when I see someone wearing one of my pieces or when they write to thank me for doing something special for them. Another moment, it was when I collaborated with a designer and saw my pieces on a runaway at Fashion Week in New York.

What qualities would you recommend to someone who wants to start a business in the world of fashion?

Discipline, quality and attitude. To know how to enjoy the process, being continually studying and innovating, being self-critical and passionate.

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