How to wear leggins without dying in the attempt

Comfortable and versatile we all love leggings! but there are 2 fundamental rules that you must fulfill to carry them correctly.


  1. Combine them with blouses or long blazers, they must cover your back perfectly.
  2. Wear underwear of your size and the same legging color. As they are made of a thin fabric that when stretched becomes clearer, to avoid accidents and disguise it, it is best to use underwear as close as possible to the color of your leggings, it is also important that you use the correct size, since If you bring a small size you will not favor your figure and will mark and notice the seams and if you put on large underwear you will notice the folds of the excess fabric.

Now that you know the two main rules to use leggings here I leave our pinterest board with some outfits where you can find the best ideas to use them properly:

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