Do you really live the day of the dead?

The celebration of “the Day of the Dead” is one of the most folkloric Mexican holidays.

To assemble the offering, place candles, fruits, chocolate skulls, enjoy the exquisite aroma of the flower of cempasúchil and also make an incredible party in honor of our deceased in cemeteries for the mexicans is undoubtedly magical.

This holiday radiates energy and mysticism. And it has been added with creativity and beauty such as result in beautiful photo sessions of catrinas, exuberant designs of crowns of flowers and tufts, attires and costumes that make synergy enter the exotic and the Mexican as well as regional garments, immense hats tapatíos and in other occasions a little Body Paint to play coquetry.

Throughout the country there are parades where the death is the protagonist. And again the creativity and Mexican Folklor surpasses the visual expectations of anyone.

Important brands have taken the opportunity to be even more creative, such is the case of   mexican beer “Victoria” with its commercial “El Mexicano es chingón hasta la muerte”. Others have gone further … diverse music festivals that very effectively perform them outside the festivities and don’t forget Coco, Disney’s movie inspired in this tradition.

Probably you’re thinking “it’s just marketing”, possibly, however, November 1 and 2 are dates that should be used for three fundamental aspects, 1 … feel proud of being Mexican, 2; be exponentially creative and filled with color … 3; be part of the traditions, go to the pantheon or place the offering. … and why not? Dress up as catrina or catrina, go to a parade and take lots of photos.

Smell the incense, see the colored streets of orange cempaxúchitl and see everywhere skulls and bony images make me vibrate with pride and emotion. Now I understand Guillermo del Toro by saying that nobody loves life more than Mexicans because we are aware of death.




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