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Hello folks! Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of met the coordinator and founder of “Muestra de Moda Mexicana”, ​​Alejandro Gutiérrez. We were in a picturesque restaurant in the beautiful city of Guanajuato, where for a few hours, we met and told our stories, our projects and ideas on how to support and grow Mexican fashion designers. Here is a bit of what we talked about that day:

TF: Alejandro tell us, what were you doing before starting MMM?

Denise Cendejas y Alejandro Gutierrez
CEOs de Trendy Folk y Muestra de Moda Mexicana

Alejandro: I had never left the country before (Mexico) and I was in the city of Barcelona doing a master’s degree in 2012 thanks to a financing of international studies, it was my first experience living abroad and I was also a permanent volunteer in the Asociación Cultural Mexicano- Catalan, better known as MEXCAT, who have the objective to promote Mexico in cultural matters, through different activities. It was thanks to MEXCAT that with their great support, we initiated the project of presenting Mexican design in the Catalan market through an exhibition.

TF: How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Alejandro: Everything came up during 2007, when I had the opportunity to work with a team of textile designers in Guanajuato capital, to generate a business plan. As I have a degree in Business Administration, I took on the task of conducting a market study and not finding platforms to present their proposals, we took the step to create them with an inclusive and non-exclusive selection system.

TF: Exactly, what is MMM?

Alejandro: Muestra de Moda Mexicana is a national and international project to promote Mexican culture in the disciplines of textiles, footwear, jewelry and accessories. It seeks to position and recognize the work of Mexican artisans and designers to generate commercial actions of products with Mexican essence and identity by selecting fifteen Mexican designers to exhibit their work in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

TF: Where and how was it founded MMM?

Alejandro: From Barcelona and other countries, Mexico is highly valued outside our borders in cultural material, we were in the Catalan capital in 2012 and we presented the project to the Mexican Mexican cultural association MEXCAT who without doubting the potential gave the green light to start the first edition of communication of Mexican culture through design. Teamwork was paramount and love for Mexico were the values ​​to found MMM.

TF: What was it that inspired you to create MMM and why?

Alejandro: The lack of opportunities, as Mexicans feel great helplessness to not be able to do something to listen to the chaotic path of a designer and craftsmen to demonstrate their talent. We are a country with a tendency to malinchismo instead of supporting us.

Also, the lack of involvement of public and private institutions and organizations has also been an inspiration to demonstrate that social initiatives are a reality.

Muestra de Moda Mexicana 1

TF: What have you achieved so far, and what is still to be achieved?

Alejandro: Mexican fashion show gives national and international recognition to our participants with the task of presenting models and prototypes focused on the European market and represent the country with their talent.

Commercial contacts, recognition and encouragement to Mexican designers, supply of raw materials, sales and international alliances are some of the benefits of the Mexican Fashion Show project in the world of international fashion.

TF: How does MMM support Mexican talents?

Alejandro: At this time through advertising for a year. There is a link with some companies in the sector and we are starting with the launch of more calls for textiles and footwear mainly.

Muestra de Moda Mexicana - Trendy Folk

TF: What do they offer? Does it cost to participate?

Alejandro: We mainly offer the following:

  • 1 year of promotion in social networks of Mexican Fashion Show and online store that will be available in the 2nd half of 2017 to boost the sale of your products and give a boost to your career.
  • 1 Recognition as national selection of the Mexican Fashion Show 2017 signed by the association MEXCAT of Barcelona and FONARTEX of Guanajuato.
  • 1 Space to exhibit in the city of Barcelona the winning piece selected by the international jury.
  • 1 Letter of sponsorship addressed to the government of your state, municipality or private initiative to obtain your resources that facilitate your trip and experience in Barcelona.
  • Plus the benefits of sponsors that are added in this 2017.

The national participation has a cost of recovery at the time of registration and have the possibility of being selected from the MMM. We manage a scheme for sponsors who want to potentiate the project and the national and international link is completely free.

Muestra de Moda Mexicana 6

TF: Do you have any anecdote or adventure that you want to share with us about MMM?

Alejandro: I could write a book of the anecdotes together with the Barcelona team. Every project has a great history and one of them was to look for the mannequins for the 1st edition.

In 2013, we did not have any input to do the exhibition, but with much will. We visited many shops in Barcelona to request the loan of mannequins. We were going through the streets of Barcelona asking and requesting one by one.

We got one or two per store and walked with them to take them to our headquarters to complete 15, we got to search in flea markets on the outskirts of the city to achieve the goal. The venue, the catering, the music and even a Mexican tenor were joining to support the 1st Mexican Fashion Show MMM.

Given the love for Mexico in Catalonia for the Spanish Civil War to be a country that hosted Catalan refugees, we were notified that the 1st edition would be in the prestigious Palau Robert of Barcelona with a duration of 3 days, on the luxury passage of the city and fashion brands; Paseo de Gracia and Avenida Diagonal.

It was amazing how an idea had materialized and the impact that genre had from its 1st edition. The authorities of the Catalan government, the media, ambassadors, consuls, bloggers, mariachi and even the countess of la mora de Barcelona arrived at the inauguration. Everyone left happy and interested in learning more about Mexican design.

Thanks to teamwork among pure Mexican and Catalan volunteers.

TF: ¿What’s the most do you like about MMM?

Alejandro: Highlighting the most important:

There is no first place. All are elected at the same level to represent Mexico.

Touch lives in each visit we make to the states of the republic and have been received in states such as Baja California Norte, Jalisco, Michoacan, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Puebla, Tlaxcala, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, State of Mexico, Tabasco, Quintana Roo , Chiapas and Hidalgo.

Share with great passion the project and awaken the creativity of the talents that wish to get on the boat of the International Mexican Fashion Show. The union and transparency of the selection of the winners in each edition and the communication and international liaison with other associations should be highlighted.

TF: How enterpreneur, what is keeping you in constant motivation?

Alejandro: I love my country. Seeing the designs and listening to the stories we receive year after year from all the states of the republic provokes a great feeling of happiness and commitment for our country. We are an inclusive project that regardless of your economic, social, sexual, religious or training situation, we support talent in the textile, footwear and accessories disciplines inspired by our Mexico.

It is to generate a synergy between the states of the republic through the trust deposited by the educational institutions in the project of the Sample. We become a communication channel for our country to transmit its culture and boost the necessary talents of the sector that have proven to have the potential to project and boost Mexican identity through design.

In addition, we like to share and transmit to young people and adults the experience of being entrepreneurs working as a team, knowing in every corner of Mexico talent after talent is where we load energy to continue.

Muestra de Moda Mexicana Modstil

TF: How do you see MMM in 5 years?

Alejandro: Positioned in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic as a platform of opportunities and social inclusion. To be the most important bridge of projection and linkage for designers at national level directed to the European market.

Begin with editions and market opening in Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles among other potential cities of Mexican fashion.

TF: If you could just give a message to Mexican designers, what would it be?

Alejandro: Work as a team The correct formula for the projects functions is to make strategic alliances. It is time to turn and be inspired in Mexico NOW.

TF: What are your favorite Mexican fashion brands?

Alejandro: I really like Peyotl Mexico and Gallitos footwear, Daniela Durán, Armando Cano accessories…about footwear Rosario Mendoza, Camasha and Okoxal.

Muestra de Moda Mexicana logo

Folks, we invite you to participate in the Mexican Fashion Show. Without a doubt it is a great opportunity not only professional but also personal and cultural. You can check more information about the project on its website and also know about the upcoming calls that will be making known:


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