Mix & Shine, footwear with Mexican folklore

Mix & Shine, is a Mexican brand created by Alma Apanecatl, a passionate designer but above all a very brave and talented woman. Today we want to tell you about her, her history and how her experience as an entrepreneur has been.

Originally from Mexico City but based in Tlaxcala, Alma is a designer of fashion and footwear. Her foray into the specialization of design and manufacture of footwear, was as she tells us by accident. One day, surfing the Internet he found that there was going to be a workshop on how to make balerinas, which he loved and when he finished it, he decided to dedicate himself to it formally. I had some savings from previous jobs and was hesitant about investing in a family business or what is necessary to make footwear, as you can imagine opting to do what he likes best <3



At the beginning it was very difficult, there were many faults and I had many ideas in my head that I did not know how to translate them into my products. Only I used my own creations and at the beginning people close to me believed that I could not do it, but when I went out with some model made by me, there were girls who asked me about my shoes, where I had bought them. I answered that I had designed and manufactured them myself, that’s how I started my passion as a business. Most things were personalized and on request. I started with nothing, without business cards, or anything. – Alma.

His first shoe was inspired by the tehuana and then the original talavera of Tlaxcala. His main inspirations are his mother who is from Oaxaca and his father who is from Tlaxcala and his very heart is chilango. Later he continued to be inspired by Mexican folklore, began to do more things and activities, for example, he went to the mountains to learn the waist loom with Indians. He loves to rescue the crafts and visited the artisans regularly, who in a very kind way also taught him to do the embroidery in a bead.

Each state in Mexico is different and has a unique style. At the beginning, try to cover everything, making styles of all kinds. As a child I painted in oil, I even had a story with Cristina Pacheco, eventually I left but use this talent to hand paint the shoes and people like it very much.

Calzado artesanal Siena MULE 2

For me all the time is to experiment, an idea comes to my head and I say to myself, I will not do it but I will make it possible. I screw up but in the end I see that I am capable.

In addition to the line inspired by Mexican folklore, it also has another collection of footwear where synthetic materials, skins and leathers, a more contemporary and open to all public.

Alma has been recognized as true Mexican talent for the same Anna fusoni, who in her magazine KS News, published an article about her work. Also a year ago while in Peru studying a course on footwear, she was named as one of the winners for her products to be exhibited in the Muestra de Moda Mexicana in Barcelona.

Tell us Alma, what qualities do you recommend someone who acquires before deciding to undertake?

Definitely patience and a lot of love for what you do.

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* Photographs courtesy of the brand and designer.

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