Mexican Fashion: Folklore and textile innovation as brand value

Technology and innovation no longer go hand in hand with high-demand fashion productions. They now involve disseminating and investigating a true essence, something that can not only propose alternatives for use, but also new experiences for users.

This is how the current clothing industry seeks to rediscover this forgotten value, but as inherent in a brand and design concept that manages to propose and impact its users in equal or greater ways, calling it the cultural reinterpretation of its environment and propitiating with it a sense of belonging … of identity.

A clear example of this is MALLIMO ATELIER, a young and proactive Mexican brand created by Ely Castillo and Inochencia Hernández, where their Tlaxcaltecan roots are present from the textile innovation and the pride that involves the folk heritage of their region.

The international projection of this brand has been evidenced by the use of 100% textiles from Tlaxcala but with the application of textiles that integrate aromatic yarns into the same fibers, which provide their clients with a different and pleasant experience. From these same craft applications, they open a broad panorama to the integration of intelligent fibers, taking the history and color of Mexico hand in hand.

This brand, as well as several examples of technological implementation in their products, such as “MITU CALZADO” and “YAKAMPOT”, to name a few, are part of the successful emerging design proposals that seek not only an aesthetic conservation of them, but to stimulate the growth and cultural approach of the national and international public towards the roots and the colorful value of the Mexican people.

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