Shine bright like a diamond

I must confess that I’ve never been a fan of fashion trends that quickly become viral, such as dyeing colored hair, using lipstick to make thick lips like the Kardashians or chokers … however this trend (which was a top at the beginning of the year) drives me crazy … The gliter! Surely you’ve seen photos on Instagram or Pinterest of girls who use it everywhere and although this started to put style and even elegance to the catwalks … social networks were flooded with brilliance. 


Makeup: Normally the brightness is occupied in the eyelids, lips and nails (such as makeup) the interesting thing is to dare to apply it on the cheeks or to form figures on the face, for this you can also help with stars or spheres that also they are applied on the skin.


Hair: Surely you remembered when you were in elementary school or high school and you used gel with glitter, because in fashion everything comes back, with the help of gel and a brush you can apply many glitters all over the hair or only in the roots, this style look also to make you look futuristic is a must in music festivals or for a very creative photo shoot.


Lovers of this trend went crazy and even, (you probably got the video) We knew the glitter capsules, if you take one after each meal you will see a beautiful unicorn in the toilet instead of … well you know.


And when we thought that everything had stopped, the sponges to destroy and the elastic masses better known as slime and sparkleweed appeared. On YouTube you can find tutorials to learn how to make your own slime. According to the experts of brightness, this practice is ideal to eliminate stress.


Whatever your taste, it is best to let yourself be carried away by the creativity and inspiration of the colors and glitter of the glitter <3

Post Author: Yol Enríquez

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